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TJ front flares on front of 97+XJ's need pics


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OK.... I need to get to it sooner or later.... in about 2 weeks, I am hoping to have some times and my plan is TJ front flares on my XJ :) :) Any pics, tips, suggestions?



Hows that? Whip the saw out and cut away in front. In back, cut slots up into the seam and take out your frustrations with the 2 lb multitool.

I already got one side up front cut (my tire grapped it and pulled it during a turn while compressed), and the rear has been done for a while now.....

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my process is kind of started already... one side is trimmed quite a bit.. but it needs more trimming....

One thing I'm thinking about is the space that leads towards the door.... since I trimmed the passenger side the rubber piece (splahs guard?) doesn't really fit/cover it too well. I'm thinking about different things to do to cover it up somehow: I could leave it open, but I see no need to let crap get stuck in there and give me extra cleaning work LOL.... Plus it's enough that I bring the desert home in the crossmember, all the skids, insde the bumpers, inside the XJ and in the tires LOL No need to have two more scoops to carry it home :)

I sealed mine when I pulled the doors. I used a piece of sheet metal, HVAC stuff, and silicone to fill the area between the fender and the hinge surface. Sorry, no pics of that, if you want some let me know. This keeps it out of my face with the door off, then just hose it off under there after wheeling.