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TJ coils on a XJ


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I know they will fit, I cant effectivly search the forum because of the three letter rule for searches.
the bottom spring perch is the same, right? what about the top perch.
Basicaly what Im asking is, a 6" XJ coils vs a 6" TJ coil. Are they the same size? or what would be the difference in overall length.
All reports indicate that TJ coils lose height when used in an XJ. A 6" TJ coul would be something like a 4.5" to 5" coil in an XJ.
I called Skyjacker. Guy wasnt too knowledgable. But he did say the spring rate was quite different. Anyone else heard of this ?
the XJ coil is about 1/4" taller according to him
I was told that you lose an inch. The difference between the 6" Skyjacker TJ and XJ coils is the is the dia of the coil wire TJ=.625 XJ=.656 Later, Eric