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tire code question


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I am looking at a tire that is a 245/75SR16 SL. I know what hte speed rating means and the sizing but what does the SL mean?
The Rubber manufacturers association says that if it has an S then it designates the tire as an " all season tire".
That is what my ase book says.
Okay, and M/S means "Mud and Snow." So what does "SL" mean? "Slush"? :D
i found out that SL means standard load while XL means extra load. this off tire rack.com "35 psi is the assigned "maximum load" pressure for standard load tires and 41 psi is the assigned "maximum load" pressure for extra load tires."
Is this a new designation then? Used to be tires were marked "Load Range C" or "Load Range D" and the maximum pressure was stated in psi
it is because they are rated p-metric vs LT i believe. but have a max load 130 pounds higher than the c rated tires
You guys are pretty good at the tire stuff.
BENXJCA, Eagle, SKOG: SL won't designate anything else than carrying capacity on a tire with size starting with a "P", also know as P-metric. SKOG is right, SL means Standard Load. Some lower end tires have this LOAD designation also(165/70r13, 155sr13, etc). XL will designate an extra carrying capacity on a P-metric tire, but needs extra COLD AIP PRESSURE for the extra capacity.
But ALL tires for U.S. use have their respective Load Carrying Capacity(maximum) and recommended air pressure for this weight. Load Range B = 4 ply, C= 6ply, D = 8ply, E = 10, F = 12ply etc. Remember this is Ply Rating, not actual plies, like back in the 30s-60s with bias tires and slower speeds.
REMEMBER, all air pressures should be check before running any distance, in the COLD stage.
Hope this helps a bit.