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tire choice - need to decide NOW


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Raleigh, NC
Okay so i got a buddy who works for discount tire, i thought bighorns were supposed to be cheap, he said he can get me four 35s for 875! thats a lot! buuuuuuut he said he can get me KM2s for 825. this is shipping, tax, everything. which should i do? I am considering going BFG all terrians now that my hopes of getting hte bighorns for 600~ish have been smashed :(
lol 600ish for 35s!? I'm about to get em for that but unfortunatly in the 32 flavor. Id go w/ the BFG's in that case.
yeah they could be had for 150ish each for 35s about a year ago, but then people started buyin them up and maxxis realized they priced them mad low.
take the deal, im about to pay 300 per tire, and thats when i work for a FIRESTONE. tire prices go up every year. $500 for a set of 4 35's was probley maybe in 2000
woah 300 a tire thats a ton. But yeah im gonna go ahead and get hte ebay ones, should be a lil over 700. I just dont care much for KM2s and its an extra $100
just remember youll be paying extra to get 35's mounted and balanced, and the 300 per tire will be 38.5's
if you are interested in singles..lol possibly for spares?

i have one brand new MT baja claw radial 35/13.5/r16 and one brand new goodyear MT/R 35/12.5/r16

im ASKING 150 A PIECE OR 275 FOR BOTH. pm me if you want them...hahha
MTR's!!!! i recomend becoming friends with peeps in motor sports....sometimes they dont run the tires, only 50 a piece:search:
well your in cali and im on hte east coast haha. and yeah im hoping he can hook me up with the mounting, but i wanna BB balance them
I have a great set of 31 inch BFG all terrains for anyone looking for winterwheels on ebay with black steelies on them. I was crippled up on my last deployment and liquidating spares to TRY to keep my house.

thats really shitty to hear you were wounded over seas, we cant thank you guys enough. unfortunately i cant run 31s on 7" of lift haha.

How do KM2s do on the road? And in mud? They arent siped so i doubt they do good in rain??
only 1 way to find out
My Baja Claws arent sipped and they work just fine on wet roads.
Thank you.

I am just glad to still have all my arms and legs, and vision. There are many worse than me, I jusit cant pro diesel wrench anymore.

I love my x terrains, just now having to rotate them to the other side at 30,000 miles with a locker.

Great on everything but ice. another tire I loved was my first set of big tires. They were Dirt Grips and were incredible road tires until they wore past the lettering part of the tread and were worthless from then on unless you were offorad.

Well we just got some really bad rain yesterday, and the KM2's rocked it.

I havent wheeled them yet, but they arent loud, they grip the road great, awseome in the rain and look badass.

Well see this weekend how they perform.
Yeah definitely let me know, just for some reason I dont like em, I almost like the KMs better if it weren't for the fact that they are bad in rain