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Time for lockers(before she changes her mind)

Jump This

Just another minion!
Its a full on go....no real price limits. Want selectable front and rear. 96 with 8.25. Heres your chance....what would you do and who would you have do it (okay you pervs. I'm talking about the Jeep here) By the way it is an auto. and need to change R&P will spend vast majority of its life on road. But a must to be able to climb thru the loose stuff (heck and the hard stuff) when asked.
This is a no brainer. ARB's + 4.56's.

Upgrade the axles to 29 spline units while you are at it, then buy the 29 spline ARB unit.

Jump This said:
Its a full on go....no real price limits.

HP, shaved, Currie 9" w/ disc brakes and arb :D
Okay...so there are SOME price concerns Basalt....geeeezz!
At present I am running 32in. BFG AT's. I believe the only way you can run ARB's on the 8.25 is to upgrade to the 29 spline (I could be wrong) but that was the idea anyway. How about the Electratrac(sp)? You don't think OX locker has gotten there sh:t together yet? (I'm just adding some more spices to the broth here) And just because I could by an OEM axel with 4:10s doesn't eliminate that set up from contention. I was thinking that with the auto the 4:10's might just be the ticket. (I do realize that would limit me from being able to upgrade to 35's down the road)
But you are more likely correct with the 4:56 set up.....
Now......what should I exspect to pay (axels included)?
Well I just went from 32's to 33's and now my highway gearing sucks.Im already thinking about 4.56's and whether to continue on with the 8.25 or go with a D44.
Rev....that would take care of the rear.....now what for the front? I did notice you have the lone opinion on running 4:10's......
I supose I knew what I was going to do before even posting this thread. Its always nice to have some other opinions before writing big (big for me!) checks on something that won't either get the boy thue college or get me closer to retirement! I'll be calling to scheduel the work to be done at ORW in El Cajon.....they were estimating (high i hope)$2400. 4:56 ARB with the 29 spline axels.......
I run ARB on the stock 30 in the front. The only thing other than the ARB is a truss. I have not had any issues. As far as the 4.11's, hey...it was a DD for a long time, the 4.11's worked perfect for that with the 33's. If I could do it again I would prbly go 4.56....but not a big deal for what I do. I use mine to go camping, fishing and get from point A to B, Moab aint my thing, Mud aint my thing...I like long forrest trails and mountian roads.
The area around Ouray is my kinda thing.

Just my .02...for me it works.


BTW Currie can handle the front also.