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thrown driveshaft - help?


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Zion, Illinois
Hey guys, My driveshaft decided to venture off today. It fell off at the transfer case and is still resting on the shaft. any ideas on what to do to repair this thing? any info/ideas would help a ton. Thanks
a picture is worth a thousand words.

can you be more discriptive? what were you doing when the shaft fell off- stop and go traffic, freeway speeds, backroads, neibourhood streets, wheeling mud, rock, whatever? Is there any other areas that are damaged that may have caused this? etc.
Well since you just recently installed the lift,did you check for how much spline engagement was left?
That pic is really hard to see anything,is there another piece thats laying on the ground?
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no, i didnt even think of doing that honestly, dont even know how either. I've had the lift on since mid summer and havnt had any issues... until now atleast
Yeah, I know the pic is horrible. good news is i got it in the garage and will get more pix later. The shaft itself and the u joints are all ok. the u -joint connected to the 2-case just seperated. Ive been told a few differnt things from people around here. On saying the shaft may be to small but he hasnt seen it in person and the other said it might be the t-case bands? im not sure. And yes it is a 97 sport 4.5" RC lift w/ 31's and a 5sp trans
So wheres the update???
time for a SYE haha. the slip yoke pulled right off the splines. only way you're going to get that back on is to lift the body to lower the axle with respect to the body to get some slack in the driveline, reposition the slip yoke and slooowly ease it back down. assuming there's nothing FUBAR in there. i don't think it would hurt to take off some of that rubber to see the condition of the splines. i would hesitate to even daily drive that.

what year is your jeep and how much lift did you put in?
Probably can just unbolt it from the rear pinion yoke, then reinstall. I agree on checking the splines - probably all chewed up.

Give Tom Woods a call - he hooked me up in less time than this thread has been running including shipping from Utah to Florida.

:gee: i knew that. and in that case, yeah newer xj = almost definitely shorter output shaft and with 4.5" lift it wouldn't be hard to get that to pop off. i've heard of it happening but never seen it. i'm going to that height soon on my 98 and i have a sye in a spare TC already installed so as to avoid this situation.
decorat- im not sure where in illinois your at but there is a shop in the quad-cities called DK Four Wheel. Dave there specializes in jeeps and has been working on them for many years. if you need someone to talk to about your jeep hes a good guy to try. the shop # is 309 736 0056. ive had nothing but good experiances with Dave and highly recommend him. he can help you figure out a lot just over the phone
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thanks for the help guys. the slip yoke just cracke, i cant afford the SYE which i would LVOE to do so i just got a new yoke for now... the splines are all ok i thoroughly inspected them. Plus im saving up for an all out trail rig thatd id rather spend money on
fair enough. just be careful. if you hit a big enough bump on the road i'm sure it could happen again. a SYE from PORC is only 170, it's not bad to install and driveshafts can be found relatively cheap from pick n pulls.
hmmm... yeah. I'll look into it but right now i just gotta get the thing back on the road lol. Parts should be here tues or weds and hopefully ill get it done the same day parts are in.