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Thoughts on a small welding table


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I don't have the room for a large table. In fact I turned down a 4'x10' table several years ago for that reason; even though about cutting it in half. Still no room.

I've narrowed it down the two folding, and two that I can move around. The folding units I can keep in the garage, or maybe the shed. The non folding would have to live under a tarp.

Any comments or suggestions on other units would be greatly appreciated.


Strong Hand Tools Nomad Welding Table

Klutch Adjustable Steel Welding Table

Hobart Portable Folding Welding Table


Klutch Steel Welding Table with Tool Kit

Klutch Mobile Welding Workstation

Building one right now is just not an option.

TIA - Tim
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I have the Klutch one with the tool kit. I added a set of casters (they are metric studs--had to order them online) in place of the feet.

I have assembled it and promptly covered it with other stuff and have yet to actually weld on it. Story of my life.

I will note that it was not especially well packaged. The top came with one corner bent on account of being man-handled by the package gorillas. I didn't bother to make an issue of it.

It is pretty light weight for a welding table. Not much you can do about the thickness of the top. I plan to add a shelf and store off-cuts under it to make it heavier and seem less flimsy.
I have the Klutch one with the tool kit.

So a nice substrate for building a working unit on. I was thinking I'd add casters to that unit if I went that direction.
And yes, I suffer from Horizontal Surface Syndrome too.
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One convenient feature of that table: I have some small Bessey "F"-style welding clamps. They fit perfectly in the dog holes. Makes for convenient storage of my favorite clamps.

ETA: As to the horizontal surface syndrome, I have a theory that it is related to gravity. The more substantial the horizontal surface the harder it is to keep things off it. This theory has come about on account of my tablesaw. Its cast iron top seems to be a "stuff" magnet. In the name of scientific research I need to get myself an acorn table and see how much worse it is. I expect it to follow the inverse square rule.
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I ended up finding a used table with a 2' x 4' x 1/2" thick top on CL for under 2 bills. It's a beast. The top appears to have been cut with a CNC waterjet, and is square. It is a commercially produced unit with adjustable feet. The feet are going to get replaced with 2" dual wheel locking casters. I'll lock an adjusting nut at the top of the stem caster for leveling. Larger wheels roll better, but they also have a tendency to raise the center of gravity when moving it. It is a definite issue in my particular situation.

It doesn't have the fancy slots or holes that the lighter units in the price range. on the other hand, it's flat and will stay that way. I have plenty of 18" deep welding clamps. I'll get by.
You can always add holes in it. Lay out a grid and then beg, borrow or rent a mag-drill.