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This Click!


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I have noticed a click up toward the front of my vehicle,, especially on tighter right turns, Just clicks once a second or so, its not every right turn, just mainly the tighter ones, Also I have noticed at low speeds (so I can hear) when I tap the brakes they noticeably click as well, and when I let off of them I can hear them let off,

this sound familiar to anyone? what do you think the clicking could be? I sure would like to know your thoughts, any help is appreciated
We need to know what type of vehicle you have and what is in it. If an xj does it have u-joints in the front axle? What year, make, model, engine size, axle type, and other info like that. List this info and some of us might be able to help out.
I would say possibly u-joints. See if they have any play in them. Can you tell where the sound is coming from? Front, back, or in the middle?
Most likely axle ujoints.