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The Official Father's day Thread


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San Antonio TX
First, happy Father's Day to all the dads.
So, here is what I got:
Some New Mech Gloves
New Lynard Skynard CD
Delta Force, Black Hawk Down game
a Craftsman 14" chopsaw!!! :)

Hope you all have as good a father's day.
Yesterday, I got a beat up XJ with a 4.6L budget stroker with 25K on it, with an AW4 and 231. The trans and t-case will go into my 2wd MJ, making it 4wd. I'm going to tear the motor down to check it out, maybe put new rings and bearings in it, just so I know it's reliable going into my XJ. It has a 62mm throttle body and header, larger injectors, etc, so I'm looking forward to eventually getting it installed.

Just what I need, a couple more Jeep projects. :D

My daughters and grand kids are coming over for breakfast, but then I have to go to work. My daughters are cooking me dinner tonight. Oh, and I'm getting a flat screen monitor.....and my desk top back. :)
Hmm let see... seems like I am getting hosed this father's day :dunno:

I am getting to put new brakes shoes on the wifes car, do an oil change on the daughters car, help pack up the Uhaul (again) for another trip to the new house, and maybe get to put my new rear shock crossmember on the XJ. (and ponder the best way to fix the broken lower mount)

Time/projects permitting I am going to char some mammal flesh (babybacks) taters & ears of corn on some hot coals. Drink a cold glass of Sierra Nevada pale ale and watch the race on the TV

I reckon it could be worse.
i got to sleep till 9 am..... thats all i wanted... thern when i walked out of my room half blind still i fell over a 4' X 4' "HAPPY FATHER'S DAY" card... the rest of my day will be spent in the driveway doing a fuel filter, bleeding a clutch, making my 87 "non-starter" start (i hope) installing a radio and speakers, fixing my inoperable power windows, doing a R-134 conversion if i cant make the windows work, a full day? you bet!! then i still hafta feed and entertain the kids......
enjoy your day guy!!!
I woke up to a 16 month old that tore her diaper off sometime last night before she had a "Number 2"

She must have thought it was pudding or Play Doh, or something, cause it was EVERYWHERE, (yeah, even there too)

The wife did make a nice breakfast though.

No toys though, momma just lost her job and money is getting tight.

:D Hi everyone...I did a 16 hr. shift today....from 9:30 pm til 1:30 this afternoon. Picked up my son.....Corey on way home, pretty nice ending to a long day. Wife.....Deb, took delivery of a new Liberty yesterday and I got to drive it home. Maybe 8 or 9 years from now I can hack it into a trail rig!!!!! PS....it's way nicer than I ever was expecting. Happy Dad's Day!!!! Later, Chark.
Up at 0900, kids pulled the top and doors off YJ so all 4 of piled in and headed out for fathers day breakfast at the church. Cancelled due to flooding of the 3,000 sqft basement rec area and kitchen so off to a local diner for an omlette, pancakes, homfries then back to church. After that head to the movies to see 'hollywood homicide' not one of HF's better movies but OK. About to slide in a fathers day present into the dvd player, Star Trek Nemisis and then it's off to early bed time. Still sore from playing with all those wheel barrows and shovelfulls of gravel yesterday.
i went to IHOP (7:30)with the wife and kids. then went to see finding nemo,it was great, then went to McD's. got home and mowed the yard(finally) and drank a few too many beers doing so. waited awhile and went to get some smokes, there i met a guy with a great TJ. he was headed home from "the ultimate adventure" he told me a war story while he filled up his tank. then back at home grilled a tenderloin i have been marinating since friday. now i'm drinkin some glen livet and surfin.
it was a good day.:greensmok
My Fathers Day was good and terrible, found out my summer job I was supposed to show up to on monday says I am too old to participate in there college student summer help program ( Thanks Weyerhauser) but then I got to go to the JET Sprint races on Saturday, only to come home to a message that my renter was moving out of my house. So no job, no rental income= no money. So I went out and made myself feel better by buying a plasma cutter. :D But hearing my soon to be 2 year old daughter say "Happy Fathers Day DADDA" made it all ok (the plasma cutter didn't hurt though).