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"The Jeep Store" in Southeast US; NC or SC?


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XJ Fans,

Last year someone here referred me to a Jeep dealer on the east coast that also operates a legitimate worldwide parts business separately from their dealership activities. The good thing is they offer considerable discounts to customers.

Can anyone remind me who this is and also provide me w/contact information? I've misplaced it!

Many thanks,

County Chrysler in NJ(?)PA used to vend aftermarket products from their parts dept... Bryan Boyer (?) was the point of contact IIRC. Maybe one of the local guys can help here?

RichP? John B?
Head over to www.bmja.org, the dealer is one of our sponsors. Bryan Moyer is the parts manager there and is a really good guy to deal with.
Rich & Woody,

Actually, this is not the company. I found my original note! The other fact that made a large impression on me was the dialect the parts person spoke with.

The company I am referring to is in Bassett, VA but I do not know the dealer thet are affiliated with.