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The Afterglow


RRC President
So after the long haul home a few of my thoughts.
First, thanks to all our sponsors, RuffStuff, TNT, JCR, Prime, Smash Hole, and HD off-road. Thanks to the club for paying for camping and permits.
I had a great time, the wheeling was fun, the people were great, and the chili was awesome.
The weather was wet and the mud was slick and that made things rough. Having just about half the planned attendees unable to make it kinda hurt too.
What did you think?
I enjoyed it! Didn't get to do as many trails as I would have liked too, but thats what happens when everyone just slides everywhere because of the mud. Chili and sausage was delicious. Definitely would not have minded if more people showed up, but our little group was fine as well.
Ditto on the comments!! I was surprised at the additions to Xterra Camp. I don't like mud but we still had fun. It's always nice to have more people show especially when expected but LIFE HAPPENS! We had a good crew.
While I'm on the BandWagon... BOD before TMTC realizes the Xterra Club no longer exists maybe we need to see if we can take over the campsite? Justin (JTM) (BOARD MEMBER at TMTC)could verify that him and I are probably all that remain of the club that wheels at Barnwell. Originally when we did it there was no additional cost we just had to show-up on "WorkDays" and clear it up.
It would be hard for us if we planned an event down the road and somebody else had the campsite (especially now that fixed up) before us, We would have no priority and would have to find another camp. That is an issue on busy weekends.
If cost involved I for one would be willing to chip in some ;)
it really sucks we didnt make it, two years in a row. but i got closer this year. nexty year i'll start making plans months ahead of time and maybe things wont come up
I can't find anything to get from TNT that I wan't. I have the $100 gift cert if someone wants to make an offer on it.
Get those kickass front inner fender replacements. That's what I'd get
Not really a fan. You want them for $50?