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Tech inspections


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Who wants to head up tech?

Somewhere we should have a digital file of the tech sheets. Did we use them last year? Do they work?

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Did we do tech stickers last year? If not I think we need to bring them back. That lets us know at a glance if a rig has been tech'd or not so we can avoid problems at the trail line up.
If i remember correctly i think we did use them last year. Think they were just little round stickers that got put on front windows. Something tells me that John made a trip into town to get them but i could be wrong.
I can head up tech

They didn't need my help last year but iirc we did stickers.
If we can have the stickers put at the top drivers corner of the windshield we could tell at a glance during lineup.

The sheet is a good thing for forgetful people like me or new volunteers. I think each tech inspector should have a clipboard with the requirements and a stack of stickers.
Or maybe a small reference card we don't need returned is better than clipboards. If they were business card sized I personally would keep it in my wallet for future use.

I suppose the more helpers the better? I can't remember how many people we have used in the past. A thread could be put up to find tech volunteers and I have a few people in mind I want to ask personally to give me a hand.
I got a sticker but I can't say I remember being tech inspected.

I read the list of what was required and had it all. Extinguishers, first aid, battery hold down exc.

Do we have a file we can look at?
Yes me and Jeff headed up tech last year. I do know we had stickers cause i found a sheet of them in my rigging box the other day. I'm up for doing it again this year. Honestly it went good with just the two of us. I will say maybe a sign that says please stop here for winterfest tech inspection would be nice. We had some confusion last year with non naxja members stopping and few members we had to track down at the badlands check point to give them a sticker.
So I know brought up having a sign for the tech inspection for how needs to stop. I have another idea that will maybe help the flow of things. Last year it went smoothly for the most part. But maybe this year we could do a pre-event tech as well. For anyone that shows up early. I know we run the trails Thursday but maybe we could set up a hour were we could tech the early poeple that show up. That way we can get the tech done faster.
when and where do you (or someone doing tech) want to do it? I'll put it on the schedule.

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Maybe even setting up something up in the campground might work for getting people teched in early.

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I honestly think the camp ground would be fine for doing it early. Like I said I can do the tech again this year. Maybe just have everyone that wants to get it out of the way just meet up front or I could walk around to everyone s site and ask if they want it done now. Also do a short one Friday evening if it's not dark for those who show up then. One thing that's good is it'll hopefully get everyone down to the staging area quicker. Because I know last year we didn't tech a few poeple who were running late because you had us come down to get rolling. As far as a time Thursday maybe a hour or 2 before it's dark. If we do it Friday night a hour before nightfall.
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only thing with Thursday night is robbies. so you'd want to do it before then. after it will be pretty drunk out...

maybe friday at the potluck or before? after it gets pretty drunk out...

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Yeah I was thinking before then besides doing the tech that late would be a pain. Friday before the pot luck wouldn't be bad idea either. I think thrusday will depend on how long running the trails goes on. Maybe do it at 4 on Thursday to 5 I know I can get few poeple in in that time frame.
How about I put on the schedule that then, 4 to 5 on Thursday, where would you like to do that? And then again on Friday an hour? before the potluck at the Badlands old office/banquet hall?
Let's do Thursday in front of the camp ground that way it's convenient for everyone.The on Friday let's do a hour before the the pot luck up front the camp ground or at the hall your call there either will work.
Let's do Thursday in front of the camp ground that way it's convenient for everyone.The on Friday let's do a hour before the the pot luck up front the camp ground or at the hall your call there either will work.

I'm adding this to the itinerary.
Sounds good macgyvr, I going to make a tech inspection sign this year to. Walmart has giant white boards for 20 bucks right now.
Keep a receipt and we will reimburse you...

offer will be in raffle tickets first.

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