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Tansmission or Shifter Problem?


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Bay Area
Today I backed my jeep out of the driveway and when I went to shift it to drive, the T-handle went all the way to 1&2. Pushed the shifter back to Park and now Park was Reverse. Reshifted back to Drive and it was Neutral, further back 1&2 now Drive. Drove back into driveway and put the shifter all the way forward and now its Park again.
Does anyone have any ideas as to what is going on or where and what to look for?

Its a 1996 Cherokee Sport, 4.0, Auto, 4WD.

Any help would be appreciated.
Get underneath and see what loosened up or what bolts/nuts fell off, in fact walk round the garage and see whats on the floor now and in the driveway and even feel around the crossmember. It's possible the ratchet mechanicals went bad but I kind of doubt it.