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synthetic winch line mounting on winch?

Jeff 98XJ WI

NAXJA Forum User
Butternut, WI
I purchased a synthetic winch line from Rockstomper awhile ago and installed it on my winch just like the steel line, but after a few uses, the whole line slipped and pulled out of the crimped end. Rockstomper specifies that one keep at least 8 wraps of line on the drum at all times and I don't believe I ever winched with less than this. So, what is the suggested method for mounting the line to the drum? I seem to recall that some of you on BOTWII duct taped the line to the drum horozontaly and then wrapped the line up over this first taped section. Does that work? Thanks for any input. BTW, I posted a pic of my winch and line showing the empty crimped end on the madxj yahoogroups site under files/Jeffs Jeep Mods. Jeff

http://f6.grp.yahoofs.com/v1/QMofPy...3WDZ_ss/Jeffs Jeep Mods/line end pull out.jpg
When you wrapped it, did you have a load on the line? This happened to me the first time i wrapped mine. I did it again pulling the jeep up a slight hill and it seems fine.