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New main shaft or the stock shaft cut down and treaded? Pros and cons to both? Im trying to do this on a budget. I figure ill do the stock shaft, I have another at home for a spare that I will cut doen and thread for a spare, If I have problems with that Ill buy a new HD mainshaft. Sound good?
I believe he wants to know if he should get a heavy duty drive shaft or have one made from a stock drive shaft.

In that case though you have to use a drive shaft that has a double cardan and the slip yoke is in the middle of the shaft like in the front. I still don't know what he wants to thread though.
So, Hack n' tap or full SYE. My vote is for a full SYE. If you going to take the case apart anyways mind as well put in the stronger main shaft and never worry about it again. There is a big difference between what I took out of my 231 and the JB conversions unit I put in (27 spline to 32 spline). Its like $220 shipped to the door and $20 for a front DS at the JY. Super easy install too! I wouldn't even mess with cutting, drilling, tapping, then putting that goofy seal/bearing on the back. In the time it would take to do that you'd be done with a true SYE and have a stronger case. For some people the Hack n' Tap is just fine.