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SYE & DS best prices?


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Well its time to get this stuff done so im looking at the Advance Adapters SYE with the Tom Woods DS 98 with 231. who is the best source/ price on this stuff? thanks

Well considering where you live Id say call Tom Woods.Im going to try out a couple of his driveshafts soon.The best price on a JB kit has usually been w/ Tellico4x4
Good luck with Tellico 4X4... they need to get their act together.. waited almost 2 months for my R&P set... which they confirmed to me verbally they have in stock plus they charged my credit card before they shipped it out!!!
bigoffroad has the a/a sye and tom woods combos for 550 shipped

Dora at adventure4wd has it for 510.00 shipped.

Jess at High Angle Driveline has one for 489.00 don't know if shipping is included (prolly not)

www.mad4wd.com probably has a good price on it also since the SYE alone is only 210.00 and the driveshafts direct from Tom isn't more than 300.00

*edit* un-fixed link

anyone know why www . adventure4wd . com is a banned word???
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