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Swamper LTB flatspots.


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Victorville, Ca.
I am ordering some ltb's and I keep reading about flatspots after they sit, does it go away and how well do these tires balance? I know bias ply tires are usually a bear to balance. I normally don't bother balancing my offroad tires but being in Germany I will be driving on the autobahn to get to where I can leagally wheel. Thanks in advance for the input.
They go away after a mile or so of driving.

I balanced mine with Airsoft BBs, and it was better than nothing. Not perfect, but tolerable.
they are a bias ply tire.As they sit they get cold and will get a FLAT spot on them were they are sitting on the ground.Once they warm up they wont have flat spots.For balancing i have read about using air soft bb's to balance them out.I am going to try that when i order my new set of tires.
they will have flat spots in the morning after sitting over night, but after a couple miles they will go away

for balancing, me and most of my friends use airsoft BBs and they work pretty good.

Use this chart to determine how much you should use per tire, then simply put X amount into each tire. You can either get pellets that will fit through the valve stem of the tire so as to avoid breaking the bead, or you can simply pop the bead off and dump in the BB's. Either way it's quite a simple process, and doesn't take much time to do.
wow, that is pretty innovative and the fact that your tires are constantly balancing has me sold. Not to mention the fact that if you chunk a tire or pick up a rock they will instantly re-balance. Thanks for the info. By the way I am stationed in Germany anyone know a website that has really cheap shipping. I am gonna get the ltb's for sure.
i live in edmonton alberta where it was -37 degrees celcius a day ago, and my 33 ltb's had insane flat spot for about 2 km's, after that, it was smooth sailing from then on out.

i use airsoft bb's to balance as well, and i comfortably drive at 120km/h with no vibs.