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stock wheels/tires, rear driveshaft, coils


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-4 Stock XJ alloy wheels, 5 on 4.5, 15x7, 5.5 BS with goodyear RTS tires (half tread).
200 $ + Shipping
Not my jeep, but same wheel & tire setup.


-Stock XJ Coils 50k miles on em
10 $ + shipping

-Stock rear slip yoke driveshaft, 60 k miles, good u joints and good slip yoke no play at all
20$ + shipping

-stock sway bar links 50 k miles
free just pay shipping

-two pairs of stock XJ headlights
free just pay shipping

Everything is OBO so make an offer, this stuff has to go soon. tired of it taking up room in the garage.

Central New jersey
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