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Stock '89 XJ (A build thread in 2022 that is actually finished)


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I grew up on forums (NAXJA, Cherokeeforum, etc). After a hiatus for a few years, I was disappointed to see that it seems social media has killed the forum world. Now that my build is "mostly" complete, I figured I would post it here; even if its nothing more than than an unseen post in a now unused forum.

The story of this 1989 Jeep XJ base model started in 2018. I bought it for $1000 while I was on a deployment. It had been in my parents backyard in Utah sitting on brake rotors, sunk to the axle tubes.

I wanted a simple build on 35s with a RTT that I could go camping in some semi-remote places. This was around the time when "overlanding" was becoming big, although it was nowhere near the monstrosity it is now.

So I ordered a complete 5.5" RE LA kit, Front Runner RTT, Method "hole" wheels, an SYE, and some 35" BFGs.

I pulled the Jeep out of my parents yard and began to install the kit when I realized that the previous owner had attempted to install a Scout D44 in the rear. While this is a great swap that can also net disc brakes, it did not work with the back spacing of my wheels. So I traded it for an 8.25 out of an XJ.