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Still Drips - not RMS of Valve Cover

oil filter o-rings are usually the third thing that'll leak. That and oil pan gasket. Clean the engine and see where it is coming from.
replaced the oil pan gasket when i did the RMS... ill check the oil filter o-ring... what all does that entail? i don't have an FMS and the chilton is a joke
replaced the oil pan gasket when i did the RMS... ill check the oil filter o-ring... what all does that entail? i don't have an FMS and the chilton is a joke
not much, just get the orings from jeep first,they are on the cheap
x3 in the o-rings. as easy as removing the oil filter, and one really tight bolt in a small space. haha. its fairly easy in all honesty.
Yea the o-rings are literally $2 from the dealer. And there's 3 of them. If you have a newer gen you need a t-60 (YEAH!) torx bit. I found one in a set at harbor freight. Be prepared to do some serious wrenching, and cause a few sparks from hitting your starter connections. It's definitely a messy job, but like said not that tough. Well worth the effort.
the o-rings are definately more hard to acquire then to install. the retards at jeep will most likely give you the wrong stuff, so be prepared to smack that shit outta there hands and call them a retard.
local club sponsor is management at a chrysler dealer, they sell mopar/jeep/w.e stuff so i shouldn't have a problem getting the right parts.
where exactly is it leaking from? Clean everything good and pinpoint the leak.

Last time you changed the filter did you leave the o-ring from the old filter on the mount and then screw the new filter over it?
the oil filter elbow, and oil filter are 3 parts, if you changed the o rings, and used the proper oil filter, then something else is obviously messed up, take it apart and tell us, theres only so many things to check before you open your eyes and look at it yourself.
what oil filter are you using? what year engine(more importantly, what year oil filter neck?)
an oil filter for a 92+(metric) will thread on a 1990 neck(standard), it might even feel normal for you, but its not right.
If it still appears to be coming from the oil filter area, check the oil pressure sender above the oil filter. I had one that was leaking awhile back, not from where it threads into the housing but rather from the plastic of the sender itself. Just went to the junkyard and got one, simple 3 minute fix.
replaced the O-rings, and oil pressure sender.

still drips from the oil filter connector though.


if it is leaking wee the oil filter connects top the oil filter plate make sure that you didn't double gasket the oil filter. i.e. the old filter gasket might have stuck to the housing
sorry, I wasn't specific at all. The housing gasket that goes between the oil filter elbow and the block is leaking, everything else is clean and leak free from what i can tell, its just that one spot.

The OPS unit isn't leaking, cause I just replaced that. I was told by some local people to just get liquid gasket (not RTV) and brush some around that and it should seal it up right...

also, for those wanting to know

96 XJ 4.0 (lotta miles :dunce:)
using a fram filter and mopar o-ring parts and I believe the elbow hasn't switched cars.
I had the same problem and changed the oil filter adapter o-rings twice before realizing it was the distributor gasket. It will leak at the base of the distributor and run down onto the filter adapter. It drove me nuts trying to figure out where the leak was coming from.
I purchased mine at the local dealership that happened to be a local club sponsor. so i got them at price.

I will check the distributor gasket. seems like an odd thing to be leaking...

But i just did the o-rings again last night and it still drips... looks like its coming from the oil filter its self, but when I searched my parts store they cared the same size for all 4.0 engines. I know someone said that the 92 and earlier were metric... so i don't know if i'm just getting shitty filters but i'm on my third one and they seem to be dripping different amounts per different filter. (fram leaking the most naturally)