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steering upgrades and options


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Pensacola, FL
i needed to replace my stabilizer and found that my rod ends are shot as well. i'm at 6.5 and 33s right now but hope to get to about 9.5 eventually. many people have told me at my height the stock works great, but now i have to replace it regardless so i'm thinking go ahead and upgrade while i'm spending the money. is there any that would be good for my height and good for 9.5 and 35s? or should i just shoot for the stocker till i get there? thanks
I'm at 6.5" and 33 Swampers, I have the Old Man EMU Stablizer.
For the drag link and tie rod, take a look and what Currie Enterprizes has runs something like 350.00. I know so guys on the site will say something about the ZJ Tie Rod and Drag link from one with a V8. Some what cheaper. Or you can go the custome route. bluetorchfab.com does some great work.