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Steering box repair


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I've asked about rebuilding a steering box before and it seems to be beyond my comfort zone but what about replacing the out put shaft bearings? It that something that can be done in vehicle without too much trouble? I noticed a clunk when coming off center yesterday and found a lot of side movement in the box output shaft, which has leaked a lot for a long time. The box works perfectly otherwise and rhd boxes are expensive!
Seems possible in theory if there is enough room above the box to lift the shaft out vertically. Seems like it would be way easier and quicker to just pull the whole box and do it on a workbench...and if you get that far you might as well do a full rebuild. Even easier would be to just replace the whole box haha
The YouTube channel "restoration station" has videos showing full disassembly/rebuild of several XJ items. They did one on the steering box.

I'm not in need of trying it myself, but it was interesting to watch, as it gave me good insight into what's actually inside there.

Even if you decide you don't want to go full rebuild, it might give you ideas for doing the seals...
I looked it up before, and like I said, a full build is out of my skill set. The frame has been braced and who ever did it crossthreaded the crap out of it so I don't want to remove it if possible.
Good luck finding replacement bearings and it's usually a worn out sector shaft and the recirculating bearings. Not sure if Lee of Lee steering gears(used to do NASCAR boxes)still does rebuilds or can provide parts
Stands to reason, the LLV is just a RHD S-10 pickup with alternate sheet metal, right?
Yes, with a 4wd limited slip rear axle and 2wd front. I would love to get a decommissioned one and put the body on a 4.3 4wd chassis. But it would be my back up ride because the xj would still be the way more comfortable mail vehicle.
As simple as the body is on those things, it wouldn't be hard to replicate with some aluminum plate, a bender, and a big rivet gun.

Never knew the LLVs had LS rears. Did the old DJs have that too? Never understood why all of those mail Jeeps were 2WD only, except to assume some beancounter who never saw snow thought it'd be cheaper...