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Steering box problems


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Mid Missouri
Well I need steering advice. I have been through two power steering boxes in the last year. What is even worse is that I have had the XJ parked for the last 6 Months. They fail at the output shaft. I run really sh*tty caster angles so even a little bit of play causes bad road manners. I want to fix this thing before Moab in Oct.
I need to come up with a stronger PSbox. I have heard rumors of using J20 boxes. Can this be done? What other options are there? Is it worth just having a stock box cut to replace the bushing with a bearing?

Bones :skull1:
Hey Bones, I started that rumor here on this board.

Call Sam at Harry's Steering Gear Repair in Fraser Michigan.

I asked him about using a J-20 box and he said it would work.
But he ended up building me a stock box with heavier parts and tighter bearings. It's on my rig now and I'll be testing it in Moab.
Yes that should work. Considering the part ##s on the AGR boxes are the same for the J20 and XJ. From what I have heard AGR uses a J20 box and messes with it to get the "variable" ratios and crap. Good Luck. I will be going this route very soon.( stock J20 box, NO AGR)


Try Lee Manufacturing in Ca. He builds for all the race guys and does great work. He can boost your pump to 1600 psi and build your box right. He's done a lot for the guys around here that I know and run them in my jeeps. Not cheap but right.


I tried ordering a J-20 box from the local Kragen. They sent out a generic 4 bolt box.

I said "this is not a J-20 box."

He said, "It's a box that will work on J-20, though."

I said "you meathead."

In any case, the J-20 box can be identified by a larger end cap and the fact that it has 4 mounting bolts instead of three. You can mess with the pressure of your pump by yourself. Go to www.westtexasoffroad.com and look in "Tech".