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So. Calif
Does anyone else have a stalling problem with the '89 cherokee auto 4.0L I-6? Mine stalls whenever I climb a hill that is too steep and as soon as I lose traction it stalls out before I can even step on the brake....causing the rig to begin rolling backwards. Am I doing something wrong or was this a common problem?
I won't ask about how things stall when the load is removed from the engine, but qty=3 things come to mind...

The NSS - if the NSS is not indicating to the ECU that the tranny is in gear, the "idle control" portion of the ECU is not as agressive and may cause stalliing under no-throttle loads.

A clogged or dirty idle passages (both the Idle control and the bypass/bleed passage) and/or idle control stepper motor can reduce the efficacy of the ECU's output in that area.

Or something simple like fuel level in the tank, motor mounts and engine grounds
I just bought an 87 that had broken motor mounts, and when it would torque up, the motor would shift, and pinch off the wiring going to the CPS, making the engine die instantly.

before, it would only do it going uphill, but it got to the point that whenever it was put into drive, it would die.