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stalling '99


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recently my '99 dies when coming to a stop at lights, signs, and other places one stops. it fires right back up again with no hesitation or cranking. seems to be electrical, like someone just pulled a plug. ammeter seems fine and neither spikes nor dips. tia.
Replace the A.I.S. motor. It is a common problem. I have seen new motors not work out of the package. That should fix you up. If not adjust your idle up a 1/4 or half turn at the adjustment screw on the T.B. You could also have a short in the wiring that is moved during the movemant that occurs during a stop but that is highly unlikely. Replace the A.I.S. motor.
recently found post with no nut on back side of my blaster coil.............tightened it down, stalling gone. now it is a check engine light and odd voltages, starts up and charges fine, but inexplicably drops to 10 sometimes, or 9. i am looking into getting a junkyard ecu and hook it up.
or maybe a mopar hp ecu.
Ign upgrades make me nervous-

Blaster coil.... On these later model vehicles where the engineers have designed damn good ignition systems does not make sense many times to dick with things. Modern ignitions combined with other really good combustion qualities result in dang close to total burning of gas. In other words does no good to further increase plug spark if all is burned anyway. Is not like the old days of serious inefficiency where ign upgrades actually improved things most times.

When the massive powertrain control computer manages the engine AND door locks AND alternator, ie., practically everything, to mess with stuff that in the past was no big deal many times i think in this environment can be chancy. Judd
i would like to hook up the e-coil, which is still there. i need a connector. will try jeep dealer tomorrow. bastards.