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Spidertrax Jeep Wheel Spacers, 5x4.5" lug pattern


NAXJA Forum User
I have my spidertrax wheel spacers for sale. $80
They are for a 5x4.5" bolt pattern. Model # WHS-002 1.25 inches thick. They have awesome blue anodizing and have a hub centric ring
Here's a link to the Spidertrax page.

I've had them since October 2006 so they are very new. And I've included some 1/2"x12tpi and 1/2"x20tpi lug nuts and red locktite. Will ship with the original box and instructions.

These will work for Jeep Cherokee xj, wrangler TJ, YJ, Grand Cherokee ZJ, Ford Mustangs and Explorers.

Perfect if you are swapping a Ford 8.8" rear into your Jeep it will bring you to the right width. They worked great for me and I am only selling them because I changed bolt patterns when I swapped axles! Good luck! you'll love them. Sorry about the pic...camera phones suck.