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speedo on 231 question


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Mission viejo CA
I am getting ready to pull out my 242 this week out of my 88 xj and I am replacing it with a 231 w/ AA SYE. What the heck do I do to get my mechanical speedo to work. is there a part I can buy somewhere?
Just use your existing parts, I think. I replace a 99 231 with a 90 242, and I simply slipped my speedo gear and electronic speedo assembly into the 242 and TADA, works!
jephs422 said:
ok, but my 88 doesn't have an electronic speedo sensor I don't think..

My point was that the parts inside the case are the same, or fit the same between newer and older cases. You should be able to simply bolt your mechanical speedo assembly into yournew case and be good to go...
Make sure you rotate it clockwise untill the gears mesh, thats why its probibly not working... The speedo drive is the same part for all the 231/242 cases jeep uses... Look at the top of the gear housing and there are numbers cast into it...line up the number that coincides with the number on the gear... I hope this helps.