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So you missed Winterfest registration...


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Did you miss pre-registration for Winterfest?

Have no fear.

You'll still be able to register on site, both Friday and Saturday mornings. The registration table will be set up in the Badlands main office near where you meet the nice folks with the Badlands to settle up go wheelin.

We have ordered enough dinners, event stickers, and dash plaques to cover everyone. We did order some extras on T-shirts, while I can't guarantee that you'll get your size, I would say that there's a pretty good chance we'll have something that will work for you (First come, First serve). The late registration fee is only $15 extra, so the registration will be $50 per event participant (includes sticker/dash plaque/t-shirt/dinner). We will also have extra dinner tickets for sale at registration as well. I ordered 6 extra sweat shirts this year, available at the registration table, first come, first serve.

We will take cash or credit at the registration table.

We aren't using CB's on the trail and we will NOT have FRS radios for sale at the registration table, please bring your FRS or compatible radio with fresh batteries, or purchase one now. If you read the ***Trail Communications - Radios*** thread, it should answer any questions you have. We offer programming of the Chinese radios at the informal Robbies gathering and at the potluck.

Registration opens at 830am Friday and Saturday mornings, we will close up at 9:20am both days so we can start the driver's meeting at 9:30am.

We will sell raffle tickets and leftover zipper pulls at the Friday Night Potluck sponsored by Ares Fabrication (please see thread to sign up and note location) and at the dinner/banquet/raffle at the VFW

We will sell any extra T-shirts Saturday at the dinner/banquet/raffle at the VFW.

So don't use missing the registration deadline as an excuse for NOT coming to Winterfest!

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