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Snorkle.. Pre/post '95 fit Q's


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Will a pre '95 Safari snorkle fit a '99 XJ?? Safari/ARB NOT the AirFlow.
Alittle history: I run a cold canister directly from snorkle linked to the throttle body; so I bypass the stock air box to make room for my ARB commpresser. I don't really want to buy another but if the knowledge base here said it WON'T fit then I'll sell it and get a AirFlow = lower profile like in GOJEEPS web site. Thanks for any input guys!
I have a pre95 ARB snorkel waiting to go on my 2000 (maybe Saturday). According to ARB, the snorkels are identical, the only difference is the post95 "kit" includes the windshield washer relocation bottle. I opted to not get that and will be making a trip to PickNPull to find an older style washer bottle that fits in the engine bay.