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Small Wire Welder


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When I thought I was going to have time to learn welding, I bought a 120-volt wire welder. Not a MIG, this one uses flux-core wire. Output range is 65 to 90 amps. Variable wire feed. It has been taken out of the box but has never been used.

This is the welder that Harbor Freight sells for $160 (plus shipping). I'd like to get $150 (or near offer) plus shipping, or if someone within 100 miles of New haven, CT, wants it I'll meet you halfway. It has to go -- no job, need the money more than the toy, plus I need the floor space in the garage.
Nobody interested?
do you know what the duty cycle is? can it be adapted over to gas and mig? or have a link to the harbor freight site with a description, it may be something I would be interested in.