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Sierra Fest Aug 18th - 25th at Shaver Lake


NAXJA Member
NAXJA Member
Save the dates:

August 18th -Aug 25th

Shaver Lake area

Dusy or Swamp
Red Mountain trails
Bald Mountain
Dates are saved! 🤙
I am going, too. I have never been, and I am looking forward to seeing that part of the Sierras.
Dusy is the goal but just depends on snow melt.
Too much snow for Red, or Swamp Lakes?
Too much snow for Red, or Swamp Lakes?
The Main trail is going to hopefully be Dusy during the week. The Friday/Saturday trails are probably going to be Bald Mountain and Red/Coyote lake. I believe Swamp Lake is a backup for Dusy.
What are the rig requirements for this run? Can I attend in my lame little TJ on 33" tires? :geek:
yes of course.