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Sierra Chapter Rendezvous discussion for dates.......


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Vancouver, WA
the other thread wasn't going anywhere. There at the end nobody was posting ideas for dates.

September 21-22 is out. How about the following weekend?

Is this too close to the Moab event for those attending?

Meadow Lake is a great place to camp and 'wheel, but it's too far for those coming from the coast or the central part of the state.

Everyones input is needed to organize this event.
The 28th is too close to Moab for me but I already had plans for the 28th anyway.
We'll talk at the meet&greet.

I wonder if it would be too crowded if we made it for the 14th at praire city, that way all could give input for the proposed changes. It might be to boring though, I guess we could drive with blindfolds or someting? :)