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Sierra Chapter Information

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Vancouver, WA

SC boundaries are:
South- City of Bakersfield
North- Oregon border
West- Pacific Ocean
East- Western Nevada

SC Board of Directors:
Lou "#S194" Aquino: Chapter President
Jonathan "blondejoncherokee" Larson: Vice President
Gordon "GordoSmasho" Fava: Secretary/Treasurer

Next regular election will be November 2015.
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Just some guidelines for posting in the Sierra Chapter forum. The Sierra Chapter BoD will do its best to uphold these. Please use the 'report post' feature if something is WAY out of line.

All national forum rules apply -
Rules are here:


The chapter forum is designed to be used to discuss chapter business, and things that occur within the chapter boundaries.

Sierra Chapter For Sale / Wanted forum:
This forum was created for the sale of non-commercial/non-business, local items, to other local individuals. All items listed for sale or posts looking for specific items in the boundaries of the Sierra Chapter, should go into this forum.

Sierra Chapter Vendor post policy:
There is no vendor posting about products or sales or items in the Sierra Chapter forum or Sierra Chapter For Sale forum. Paid NAXJA vendors have access to the national vendors forum, and may use their signature to direct people there.

Vendors are encouraged to participate in the chapter and encouraged to attend runs, meet and greets, and events, and post in those threads - just not make posts as restricted above.
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