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should i use wheel spacers? and wha tkind of plug wires?


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i am currently running 31" tires and black steel wheels on my 95 xj. the offset on them is set so they wont rub on the links or arms of the steering. i had my 15x8 canyon wheels on my 94 xj and all i had to do was adjust the steering stops to prevent rubbing. before i heat up my steering stops and add spacers to adjsut them right could i just use a set of alluminum spacers from auto zone? the ones with stud holes that go over the hub. if so what thickness for the front and rear jsut to stop rubbing? or should i just adjust the steering stops? i like to use my 15x8s in the summer and i will use the steels in the winter now.

and i am putting in new champion truck plugs and i want to put in good quality wires. what kind should i get and should i get a special brand of cap and rotor or coil or if i replace those should i just use stock?
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I asked this awhile ago and the response i got was dont get them. They are either not very good, or are the price of new rims.
I've run these for at least 4 years on 2 different sets of wheels with zero problems, keep in mind that these are much different than the cast alum. junk that the local auto parts store sells. Mine are 1.25" units, when used with a 5.25" Backspaced Jeep wheel will net you 4" of BS.

rock rash said:
They are either not very good, or are the price of new rims.

Wells cap, rotor and wires are good. Accel if you want better, more $$ tho.
i usually get wells for the cap and rotor so thats good though i did not know they made wires.

the spacers at the local parts store are thing alluminum discs with holes in them fo rthe studs. stay away i am assuming?
yea spacers=bad is the general consensus. I've heard about putting washers in the steering to keep it from going all the way to lock and rubbing. I have 31x10.5s on stock rims and I just don't turn all the way and they don't rub.

I used to have Wells wires, I think I got them at Farm and Fleet. Wells "gold" for the cap and rotor. The wells wires made it ran a lot better over the old stock wires. I have Accel 8mm wires now, almost 50 bucks but I'll never go back. Wells is good though, there was 2 kinds when I got mine and I got the fatter ones.
i decided to put a set of like 5 or 6 mm spacer i found and a washer between the welded nut on teh bolt and the axel. works perfectly. now i have my 15x8 canyons on with my other 31's and no rubbing with a small sacrafice of turnign radius. thanks