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Should I buy these axles?


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Vancouver ISland
I have the opportunity to buy a set of complete Dana 44 axles from a J10 for $80.00.

I have an XJ and am not sure if they can be modified to fit either front or rear.

This seems pretty cheap, are they worth buying to resell/trade?
You didn't say what year j10 but the front of a pre 80 will be a pass drop which won't work with you t-case. If it is a Auto with a quadratrac it will be an offset d44 rear which might be to far offset to work with a centered rear output. If it is a standard transmission it will be an AMC 20 but far better than the CJ AMC 20 with the flanged axles. It would be an OK swap but should be trussed before heavy use. The lowest gears available for the 20 are 4.56 and it might have 2.73's right now which with even 31 inch tires is terrible. Good luck.