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Seriously, Buy the Mopar Crank Shaft Position Sensor


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I have two Jeep Cherokee's both 2000 models. One has the California emissions (Grey) one has Federal (White). I have been wrenching on Cherokees since 2000.

Last month my white Jeep Cherokee died coming home from a beer run....Dead no spark at all...dead on the road. Thanks to a neighbors help I pulled it home.

I had a suspicion that it was the CPS so I got one from Advance Auto it would hit but not fire. It was like timing was off. This was different from the no hit at all it had dead on the road.

Advance did actually refund me for the purchase which was great but my Jeeps still not running. I ordered MOPAR CPS immediately which ended up having delayed shipping after leaving the warehouse (USPS WTF).

I got impatient and went to ORiellly's to get a CPS and it did the exact same thing that the one from Advance did...hit but not fire and run. ORielly's also refunded me since I told them I had swapped CPS from my other Jeep and it works.

In short, I think the part Oreilly's and Advance have listed for CPS in 2021 for a 2000 Cherokee is wrong or defective. It looks the same but does not work.

Mopar part finally came and I installed it. Jeep runs great with no problems.

Should I go back and tell them that for sure the part they have is faulty?
Cheap parts are cheap for a reason.

One of my buddies works at one those stores, and says about 10-20% of their stuff is DOA.
Also, the 2000-2001 CkPS is a different PN than earlier models. I do have a Part Store CkPS on my 2000 though. I do have 2 MOPAR ones to change it out.
97-01 CkPS all will function in any 97-01, the different part number is likely the shorter wiring pigtail on the 00-01.
All 3 of my XJ's have a spare genuine Jeep CPS and a fan belt under the back seat.
I have 2 spares, bought another one in a panic when the prices started going up and hadn't remembered that I'd done the same a couple years back. :)
i have had luck with NTK/NGK sensors which i order from rockauto.

I also have a compleat set of working sensors i pulled off a running wreck, under the back seat, cost less than a tank of fuel. + pcm and an alternator cause i run electric fans.

also a scanner under there as well...........20+year old vehicles i recon yr nuts if you don't.
Shipping took forever but I got it

I tried to order one from Rockauto and they sent some other weird random part, returned it.

After a week of downtime, I got one from autozone. Fired right up and ran good until it got hot. Almost left me stranded by the side of the road. About to return it.

Tried the dealer, they offered to order one, not helpful or fast.

Gave up and ordered Mopar from amazon.