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Seized u joints on axle shafts


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Hey peeps
1998 jeep xj 4.0 4wd.
Jeep has 200k on ALL ORIGINAL U JOINTS. I am trying to replace my axle u joints but no matter how much pressure I out on them with the u joint press I get nowhere. I sprayed them and have been tapping them with the press on tight and it hasn't moved at all. Anyone have any ideas?

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Did the retaining clips come out in pieces? Did you get every bit removed?

As far as oily parts in the house... maybe clean the parts first?
Are you happy ng the u joints with the press tight? I use a ball joint c clamp style press at work. Get it tight then whack the forcing screw with a sledgehammer. If they're real tight this helps keep from bending the ears in. Spraying them with penetrating oil won't do anything really unless you've got weeks to wait.
Update for those that might be asking. I used a socket bigger than the size of the u joint caps and a hammer to remove them in a vice. The "c clamp" u joint took was great for install. Of course like someone already mentioned here dont forget the retainer clips. Thanks all for the suggestions but this is what I found to be my solution

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