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Securing Jeep to U-haul trailer......questions, please help asap!

Safari Ary

NAXJA Forum User
Ok, I have to tow my Jeep 180 miles to get the ARB installed because there isn't anyone local that is competent enough to do it. Anyway, I rented a U-haul trailer that is rated to haul an XJ. One problem, my XJ doesn't have 225s on it anymore......it has 33s. The tire straps don't fit over my tires, so I can't use U-haul's method of securing the Jeep. I didn't feel comfortable with just the front tires anchored and a safety chain looped over the rear axle anyway, so what do I do?? How do you guys that tow your Jeeps on trailers secure them? Thanks

BTW, this is a car-hauler, i.e. not a tow dolly.


P.S. The Jeep is pulled all the way forward on the trailer as per U-haul's instructions, but looking at the tow vehicle('99 Yukon) it seems to tongue heavy. Recommendations? Thanks again
Hey Ary You want some tongue weight so it dont fishtail.
The Yukon should be heavy enough that you wouldn't have any problems.
I run a chain thru the tow loop insert in the hitch on the back of my jeep and then run a ratchet strap thru the tow points on the
front C4x4 bumper.Then tighten the crap out of it. The chain runs from one side of the trailer to the other thru the tow loop and so does the ratchet strap.

Just put the jeep in gear and park brake on after you get it tied down.
It probably would ride on the trailer just with it in gear and the park brake on If you had the( you know whats) to try it and it wasn't illegal.

Remember to increase your stoping distance about a mile and you wont have any problems.
I hauled a CJ al the way to FLA on a U-Haul tow dolly. It had 35s, Load it on the dolly, air down the tires untill the strap goes around, hook it up. If you want, air up the tires wile they are straped down and it will hold even tighter. Of course when you get to your destination you will have to air the tires back up again before you drive it.