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jeep450r Jeep, trailer, and tow rig were stolen


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Sacramento, CA
Hey all, please keep an eye out for Kevin's rig and tow setup.

Here is a cut/paste from his FB post.

My truck, trailer, and jeep got stolen from in front of my house 2/5/22 between 10p-11p.

2006 F250 Crew Cab Short bed. Grey. 4" lift on 35" toyo M/Ts. 17" bronze Raceline wheels. Has a Smittybilt XL rooftop tent on a rack over the bed. Plate # 7X97631
2015 20ft PJ buggy hauler. Black frame and fenders. Wood deck. Plate # 4SM3912
1996 Jeep XJ. Hybrid roll cage. 35" MT/R tires. Plate # 5UBZ886
Stolen sometime between 10PM on 2/5/22 (last night) and 10:30AM on 2/6/22 (today).
If you see it or have seen it, please call the police FIRST, and get a hold of me after.
Please share and tell your friends. I've had the jeep since I was 15 years old, and have spent years working toward/building this truck and trailer setup. Any extra eyes will be appreciated.

Pics in the Sierra Chapter thread. https://www.naxja.org/forum/showthread.php?p=246750488#post246750488
Jeep found, truck and trailer still missing.

From Kevin:
It's in pretty good shape. They spray painted it black and busted the ignition but it fired right up.

Again, pics in sierra chapter
Truck was found last night on blocks and rtt missing.

Trailer still missing
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- 2014 PJ Buggy Hauler
- Plate # 4SM3912
- 20ft deck
- drive over fenders
- NO tongue box and NO spare tire
- Plate screwed into the back of the driver's side fender

The jeep was found in Gridley CA. It had been spray painted black and had minor damage/missing items.

The F250 was found by in the Yuba area. It was on blocks and AT THE VERY LEAST is missing the following:

- Raceline Defender wheels (bronze, 17", 8X170)
- 35" Toyo M/T tires
- Smittybilt XL Rooftop Tent (Tan)
- Bed rack for the rooftop tent (square tube)

I'm am very thankful to have the Jeep and the truck accounted for. That is HUGE. Now let's track down the trailer and be 3 for 3!

Please share

Again, pics in the post in the Sierra Chapter
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