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Sealing up folded rear fenders


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I have chopped the front of my mj, both to gain clearance and lose rust (not that anyone cares) and i want to chop the back too. I've pretty much decided that for now i will go with the cut and fold method rather than having to restructure the whole rear wheel well. My question is this; if i cut and fold the outer lip in, what have you guys used to seal it up. My worries are that with that lip folded up against my wheel well it's going to be a great place for water and salt to collect. Could i just hammer it up real tight and then seal it with some sort of tape or bondo it or what? ANY chopping ideas for the rear of an mj will be much appreciated. i searched but didn't really see much. Thanks guys and girls!

Found this: http://www.naxja.org/forum/showthread.php?t=27227&highlight=sealing+fenders+trimming

When I did mine I sanded it down to bare metal on the inside ( paint will more than likely flake when you fold anyways). Then before I folded them, I put a heavy application of black all weather sealant I got from lowes. Made sure the sealant was in contact with all the bare metal and folded. Wiped up access before it dried, then went over everthing in wheelwell with herculiner at the same time I did the fender lip, bottom of door etc. Turned out very nice.

Of coarse mines not an MJ- same principle I would imagine
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My cousin owns a body shop and when i cut my rear fenders on my XJ I used a product they call seam sealer.The brand was 3-m, it's same thing they seal the seams in back of pick-up truck beds.It's flexable and paintable.It's woked great and I've had no problems in 4 years. No cracks and no paint peeling.My tires have hit it several times.It works great.heck it's what the auto manufactures use.There are other brands but 3-m is used in all the body shops where I'm from.
Ditto to the seam sealer. The brand I used is FUSOR, but it's pretty much all the same. Only thing is that each brand uses their own special "gun" (like a dual plunger caulking gun).

I pushed it ito the relief cuts with a putty knife and sealed the folded edge to the inner fender. I also plan to take out the plastic hatch area sides and put a bead down from inside.

Same stuff works awsome for attaching body armor, as long as you never want it off again. I glued 3/16" steel to the bottom and sides of my trimmed rear fenders while I was at it.