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Rubicon Express 4.5 in lift

Dixie XJ

NAXJA Forum User
I am abou to purchase a Rubicon express 4.5 inch lift. i do not know the difference in the Superflex and the superflex add a leaf except for the price. Also where is the cheapest place to buy the SYE and CV shaft. If someone could help me out that would be awesome. Thanks for the help

The one that cost the most includes rear replacement leaf springs. The add a leaf goes into the stock spring pack. You'll like the ride much better with the replacement springs.
As for a place to go for the sye and driveshaft. Well the Rubicon kit is 199.99 pretty good price. Get the drive shaft from a local source saves on shipping and you can measure before you buy
I have the 4.5 inch RE coils in front with adjustable LCA's and the 4.5 inch packs in rear. They flex great and ride good too. As for the sye, I am not sure as I still run a slip yoke with no problems.
Thanks alot, i am not to concerned about the ride however is the performance of the 2 about the same? and also how much would the installation of the lift cost? I really apreciate it.

good lift, just got it installed myself. id recomend going with the full leaf peak, it will last longer and ride better. as far as the SYE goes, take a look at Advance Adapters kit, and Tom Woods custom drive shaft. you can give him measurements, or tell him what you plan on running and he'll get you set up. (www.4xshaft.com) on his sight he's got the kit and custom shaft for $525. Im runnin it and like it so far, no drive line vibe at all. Good luck!

Add-a-leaf kits have a reputation for being overly stiff both on and off the road. Is it worth $200 bucks for complete new springs though, not to me.

Just remove the rear sway bar forever and go with the add-a-leaf kit, or just find some junkyard Dodge Dakota, or Chev s-10 springs to mate up with your stock main leaf.

My buddy (mikal) has the RE 4.5" kit with the new rear spring packs, they flex pretty well but it isn't jaw dropping or anything.

Me personally, I'd tell them where to stick the add-a-leafs, grab up some longer leafs off a late 80's Ford Ranger/Bronco II (56" wow) or an s-10 Blazer/Pickup and fab up some new mounts to accomodate the extra length. You won't spend any more money for them than the new ones and you will be rewarded with much better flex, and a warm fuzzy feeling that you did it yourself.
Dirk at http://www.dpgoffroad.com he was allot of help and I would recommend him to anyone looking for help and advice on lifting your rig, he took all the time I needed to understand what was what and how its going work, Thanks again Dirk.

and great prices
Deffinitely JMLichner....I ordered mine through Dirk too and he's great. Was able to answer all my questions and give some great advice. As an added bonous he'll match anyone's price on the items he carries if he's not already lower than everyone else out there. Great guy, great service, and really knows his stuff.

Don't waste time

with add-a-leafs. Get the whole spring pack. I have installed two of RE's 3.5" superflex kits (two daughters) with the packs. Dirk is great to order from and I got a cheaper price from him on RE stuff than even RE direct gave me.
spring packs=good
add a leafs=bad
I too though, would do the Dakota or S-10 pack instead of the new RE's.