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Rubicon 44 front


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Ok, I can get a d44 front housing from a rubicon for cheap. Its good to have friends that work at jeep dealerships :D Has anyone swapped one of these into a cherokee? What would I have to change, bracket locations, spring mounts? What spindle assemblys could I use. I'm only running 3" of lift now but planning on 6.5" after I get everything set up for a swap, so something with over the nuckle setup would be good. Thanks a bunch, chad
I do not know this for sure, but i "heard" that the gears were special becaus ethey made the locker ring gear spcing differnt. buti only heard that. fyi
I believe the TJ & XJ front suspension layouts are identical with regard to springs & control arms. I also believe that the outer portions of the TJ D44 are interchangeable with a D30, so your XJ knuckles should swap right in. I don't know about the internals, however.

Sounds like a worthy project, good luck!
Cool, thanks for the replys. That kinda sucks the knuckles are the same. On the other hand, I can use what I already have. If all I have to do is get the carrier, gears and shafts, to be ready to swap it in that will make my day. I do think I heard the ring gear was a little thinner due to the air locker. If I use a regular carrier and gears I think I will be ok.
Wait a minute. You are going to trade a high pinion 30 for what basically is a low pinion 30?

Does this make any sense?

If I could get a Rubi 44 for cheap, I would think I'd be aiming for the cheap locker and gears and the 30 spline shafts. The rest of it is crap.

Rubi uses same u-joints which are the weak point regardless of axle shaft choice so you will be breaking the same u-joint the only thing that will be different is you can say Hey I have D44 front and rear (assuming you have rear D44) and the locker. I know guys that run 37" tires on the D30 with it welded and don't break. just my opinion and it dont mean crap.
The D44 does have some advanages. Typically a low pinion axle will have stronger gears being a standard rotation axle. Also, the good aftermarket u-joints are typically only the weakest link if you run alloy shafts and/or have the wheels turned fairly sharp.

The 44 has deeper gear ratios available and stronger lockers too. A LP D44 with CTM's, alloy shafts and a Detroit Locker would be MUCH tougher than any D30. While the joints are the same size, they are still pretty beefy with the wheels fairly straight. And how many guys do you really see separating a good D30 ball joint on the trail? Yes, it happens. But it is oh so rare.

The D44 is a pretty good swap, IMO. But if it were mine, I'd just keep an eye out for a HP Ford Bronco D44 and have it cut down.
I smell a bit of SPOBI.

Typically a low pinion axle will have stronger gears being a standard rotation axle.

This is only true in a rear axle application, traveling forward, or in a front axle application traveling in reverse.

44's have many advantages, but you lose many of them with the Rubi 44. Not saying it's not worth it, but to make it as good as a regular 44, you'd need to throw about $1,500 at it (Warn 5 on 5.5" hub conversion, tera high steer knuckle, WJ brakes).

Well I know the 30 is a fairly tough axle. I wasn't thinking of changing it till this came along, and I heard it may bolt straight in. I figure I will eventually have to change the carrier and gears in the 30. Along with the other routine stuff. seals, u-joints, bearings. So I was thinking I could put this thing together the way I want and have it ready to swap in. So I could minimize the jeeps downtime, and gain a stronger axle (a little stronger if nothing else) for not to much more $. After seing one on ebay going for big bucks I may sell it and use the cash for gears and a locker for the 30. Thanks for the info on the axle. I'll have to check around and see whats going to be best for the money.
definetly not worth it. only major advantage you have is to go over 4.88 gears. lockers might be a little cheaper. +- 20 bucks. (is that worth it) not really I would take a HP30 over a LP44 anyday, especially if the 44 has the crappy TJ knuckles:rolleyes:

think about it rubi 44 is crap!
you CANT go with the big ford/chevy brakes,
you CANT do hysteer for cheap like you can with ford/chevy
you DONT have thicker tubes like conventional 44s
you DONT have HD ball joints/knuckles like the other 44s

so what good is it?
The LP44 still has benefits over the HP30. Do a search if ya want to see what I mean. You went from talking about the Rubi 44, to generalizing all LP44s.