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Rubi Np241J onto an '89 AW4(21spl)


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Does anyone know if there was ever made a 23 spline AW4 for the non-HOs? I can buy a Rubi T-case but its 23spl and my AW4 is 21spl. If not can a 23spl shaft from a HO be swapped into a non-HO case?

Also what are people doing about the speedo? Is there anyway to put on a mechanical drive?
Just occured to me that it would be easier to swap in the whole 23spl AW4 and deal with the wiring differences. Must be late.:)

Anyone what has to be done to the wiring to get the HO AW4 to work in the Renix system? I searched and there are other who have asked but no ansewers other than is possible. Thanx.
I have interchanged them with no problems, everything worked fine, that transmission has since died of "natural" causes, but the wiring seemed to work ok. Hope that helps.