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Role Call...

Scratch my name off the list. Something came up and I won't be able to make it after all.
I cant make it this year:tears:
This would have been my third year in a row. The house project has taken all my time and even more of the money. I will be in the process of moving in during the event times.
Hope to see you guys again maybe at Table Mesa in the near future.
Pics of the project:




No MattyJ, no Winx, No Rick...WTF? I guess a year's notice isn't enough anymore sheesh. Bummer :tear:
No MattyJ, no Winx, No Rick...WTF? I guess a year's notice isn't enough anymore sheesh. Bummer :tear:

I have had plenty of notice from you guys, and I appreciate all the work
your chapter has put into this event, but my boss (wife) has a rather large job that probably will need to be done that entire week and into that weekend. And with work being what it is now, that will be a priority over my play time.
Although I'm still hopeful I can make it....
Dont worry right now work is very important with the state of the union I would be busting my balls at work to make sure I was never put on the short list so dont worry man eveyone understands.

See you out when we can.
Due to recent changes in my personal and financial situation, I'm not going to be able to make it to the entire rockfest. I'll be coming up for Saturday and staying all day, including the dinner, and I'll be headed home that night. Sorry guys.

I MIGHT come up Friday night after my wife gets home from work, but I doubt it...either way, I'll be there for Saturday.
Wow, it looks like it will Me john and Dave O at Rockfest.

I sure do hope that those of us that are struggling can fnd ways to make it. Not JUST to rockfest but in general.

This economy is REALLY stinking right now but I hope all of you find better things around the corner.

There is a possibility that I too may not be able to make it. Had a family emergency and I might need to be in town. Hopefully I can still go but Im not going to guarantee it.
Yup, I'll be there.. I'll be draggin Kracker along too.. even if he has to move in with us to make it.. :cheers:
I've officially got Friday off from work so I'll be rolling in Thursday night...thru Sunday morn.
Ill be coming up Friday for the night run. All day Saturday, Do a run Sunday morning then head out Sunday afternoon.

My buddie Chad will be bringing his ZJ on 1tons and 42s We can run some of the hard stuff Saturday.