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ROCKTOBERFEST 2020 Please Read!


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Malaga NJ
Hey everyone, its getting closer and the weather is looking to be pretty good so far, we are looking forward to this, hopefully you are too!
Now, on to the Nitty Gritty.....
The registration page isn't perfect at giving us an idea of how many people are actually going to be in attendance, versus just the members that are coming.
Many, if not all, will have at least one person coming with them that may or may not be counted yet. I'm asking that people THAT ARE ATTENDING, please post here as to how many additional people will be with you. That goes for any and all adults and children! The reason for this is for the food for Saturdays dinner. We don't want to assume too much and see waste and we ABSOLUTELY do not want to be in a position where we are short !!!!
I've asked about this before and there's been little feedback as yet. This is, much like last year, a largely home cooked meal that takes a lot of effort on some people's part to prepare, and there won't be time to make last-minute adjustments. PLEASE, we need to know by this Saturday how many people are actually going to be at the dinner! I do NOT want to have to ration helpings, but if people show up with 2,3,4 more than we know about, im going full Lunch Lady.
I have one guest coming (my Uncle, who came along last year). Both of us are registered already.
I'll be there with my dad. Probably getting there Friday night staying to Sunday.
James doesn't check the form much but he said he's going to try to come for the day Saturday. But he doesn't plan on eating.