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richmond powertrax


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I recently got a richmond powertrax for my d30, used, very little. The pins that hold the center pieces together are tight, I would think the pins should be loose allowing the center parts to move freely. Anyone with any experience with the powertrax locker, please help, I'm at a loss. I think the persons that installed the unit used the wrong pins.
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First of all, there are two Powertrax lockers - the Lock Right and the No-Slip. Which do you have?

I installed my own two No-Slips and helped with a friend's. And I don't know what pins you're referring to.
I cant imagine them being too tight,that should be a good thing.A worn locker has the holes starting to elongate!
not the cross pin. It's the two small pins that hold the piece together surrounding the pinion shaft. I'll post pics sometime within the next few days. It's a no slip
Here is my D30 PowerTrax No-Slip. These pins ? They appear to be pressed in. Lockers are magic, just like computers. They have stuff that looks weird and I don't understand what it does.

you sir should be a hand model. Those are the pins. Thank you, machined out the go/no go gauge last night, thanks Rocket for the measurements. I'll be installin the locker next week, gonna do front shocks, locker, and anchor the brake lines. I'll keep ya'll posted, any more comments will help the next guy, keep them comin, I'll try to post up pics, and a run down.
Well, got it installed. I've driven around a bit. It seems to lock and unlock. Now to find a place to test it. My camera went belly up. So I'll have to crayola ya'll up some pics.