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Rich Mtn Closure.


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I saw and copied this from so. jeeps we need to help keep this from happening. an 8 mile dead end trail is gonna suck. so please e-mail your opinion to addy below.

There has been a lot of emotion flowing on this issue and rightfully so. The best thing we as a club can do is keep the emotion in check and act calmly and in an organized manner. While I appreciate everyone's spirit and energy, we need to be rational and polite in dealing with the Forest Service on this issue.

What you can do to help:

There are over 600 members on this forum, we need to take advantage of those numbers and be heard. The Forest Service has invited public comment on their plan and so let's comment (politely).

Send an e-mail to Jim Wentworth at:

[email protected]

and carbon copy the following addresses:

[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]

IT IS CRITICALLY IMPORTANT THAT YOU ARE POLITE AND RATIONAL IN YOUR E-MAIL if they get a lot of ranting, it could have the opposite affect we are looking for. If we are calm and reasonable, they will deal with us accordingly.

I'm intentionally not giving a form letter to use as it is important that the e-mails be unique and individual to have maximum affect.

In your e-mail:

Subject should be "Comments on proposed actions for the Rich Mountain Road"

To whom it may concern,

Some things to address in your e-mail:

Make it known that you strongly oppose any Forest Service plans that would permanently close the Western 1.5 mile section of the Rich Mountain Road

Agree with need to control erosion and reduce sedimentation in the water shed

Point out that we can work together to acomplish this without permanently closing the road section

Give examples of our track record of volunteering and assisting with clean-ups and trail maintenance. Mention our offer to adopt-a-trail and positive results that has shown at Beasley and Tellico

Point out that having a 8-mile dead-end road is undesirable for ORV recreation

Point out our values of safe and responsible off-road recreation and that we can work together to address the problems without permanently closing the road section

Mention the vast resources at our disposal (labor, equipment, supplies, etc.)through the SFWDA and member clubs

stronyly urge them to consider the alternative to partner with us and keep the road open and thank them for the opportunity to comment

Close the letter with your name and address (if you are ok with providing that information)

Time is of the essence here, so please take the time in the next couple of days to compose and send your e-mail. If we can get a large number from this forum to respond, it will make an impact. Let them know that we are serious about working WITH the Forest Service to accomplish the needed results without closing the trail.

Now is the time to put our words to action and make sure your words are well thought out and convey your strong determination to help be a part of the solution.

Additionally, the Forest Service has requested to meet with reps from the local clubs on July 1st. We'll be sending reps from our leadership as well as the SFWDA. We'll meet directly with the FS and let you know the outcome of the meeting. In the mean time, Let's get busy writing our e-mails

I'll keep everyone updated in this thread as I learn more. I am also asking that we keep the ranting on the forum to a minimum... let's put our energy into positive action as stated above.


Ken Mercer
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sound off who has sent letters and who is going to let a great trail close down and have our sport squeezed just a little more. Tis stuff effects people across the nation