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Rhino Liner


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Lost Wages, NV
Well I was looking at some things and was thinking about getting quarter panels but don't have the money right now. So then I thought to myself, "rhino liner"... It looks cool. What does everyone else think? I was thinking about my quarter panels and doing some of the lower door guards right above my SliderZ...

AFbond, very nice XJ. I haven't seen it around Cheyenne.

XJnoob, are you looking at having the rhino liner done or doing it yourself? I got a quote from some guy in Denver to rhino line my bumpers and rocker panels it was like $600 a year or so back. I think it looks really good though.
I think I am gonna do it myself. I REALLY like the look of bonds rig.
They are MB Predators, bought them and the tires off of Troy.

I thought they looked familiar. I like 'em...... a lot. :thumbup:
Sweet. I think I am gonna wait till its a lil warmer. Lemme know what you use and post some pics of how you do it so I can do something similar.
Key to all the liners is prep. can have a great product and lousy prep and it looks like crap and doesnt last.

i used duplicolor roll on bed coating inside the 94, worked great. used the rustoleom (think) spray bedcoating on the 89, worked great minus a run or two (but cant tell unless you know its there). for the 97, not sure what i am going to use yet. have to spray the sliders (rusting) so hitting rockers at same time, when its warmer
I used herculiner on the bumpers/sliders/rockers. I agree its all in the prep too. I think if I would have thinned it out it would have come out alot smoother, not a big deal to me. Just gotta watch my shins when I jump in the jeep with shorts on its like sand paper trying to tear your skin off!


X2 on the Herculiner. Did a Herculiner bed job on one of my step dad's previous pick up trucks. I was very impressed. I will be using the spare can once it gets warmer for my frame rails.