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Resetting 'Maintenance Required Light'


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Gotha, FL
Anyone know how to reset the maint required light on a '92 XJ 4.0L?
(asking for a friend..... my XY is 1993)

TIA, Bill-93XJ
I have a 92 as well. The only way I know of to "reset" the Maint Req light is take it somewhere that has an OBD II.

However, this light just comes on at a preset scedule to indicate that the O2 sensor should be replaced. Mine first came on at 80,000 miles, I paid to have it reset, then it came on again after another 20,000 miles.

I put a piece of black tape over the light and now I have 217,000 miles on my XJ and the light hasn't troubled me since.
If it's like a 89 xj then there's a non resetable box under the dash that goes off at a preset mileage figure. The fix is to remove it and plug the wires together.

I posted this last week:

On a 1992, there are TWO lights;

1. "Check engine"
2. "Maintenance Required"

The check engine engine light is used to determine problems in the engine control system, and flashes a sequence to indicate codes.

The maintenance required light is designed to go on at 82,500 miles automatically, regardless of status of the engine control system. This light is supposed to be a reminder to change the O2 sensor. Note: it does NOT indicate the O2 sensor is necessarily 'bad' or 'failed', but merely that 82K miles have passed, and the O2 sensor is probably in need of changing.

The maintenance required light can ONLY be reset by using a Chryco proprietary "DRB Scanner". Given it's relatively unimportant function (to remind one to change the O2 sensor), removing the bulb is the easiest way to deal with this. (Provided, of course, that one is certain the O2 sensor is in good working order!!)

All of this is straight from the FSM. (I used to own a 1992!)
Pull the instrument cluster, remove the section where the light is, remove the respective bulb and go about your business.

JNG 92XJ said:
I have a 92 as well. The only way I know of to "reset" the Maint Req light is take it somewhere that has an OBD II.

I reset mine last year on my 92. It did not require going to the dealer. But it also did not require an ODB II scan tool, since ODB II was not put into XJ's until 1994.

What it does require is a scanner capable of ODB I (used in 91-93). There is a plug under the hood for it. Less than a minute and it was reset.