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Replacing external slave on ax15 (1999)... cheapest/easiest way to go?


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Raleigh, NC
Hey guys the slave cylinder on my cherokee has been leaking for quite a while, its pretty bad now. I think it is just the cylinder that is leaking but it may be some of the line too. In addition to this i lost the cap to my master cylinder, I was going to buy just a bare slave cylinder for the XJ and swap that out but now im thinking i might get this...

That is the entire assembly, pre-bled and connected. This will solve 3 problems, get me a new cap, new slave cylinder, and new lines all pre-bled so i can be sure i tackle this problem 100%. Before i bought it i just wanted everyone's input on the matter, it seems like a lot of money but my shop told me $250 (for the part) so i think the price is relatively similar
I don't see what the difference would be, but the slaves are a real trick to get in and out! No fun there...

Either way, I wouldn't skimp and try for a low price option... I'm regretting it... Try to get the best quality of everything there so you'll never have to mess with it again!
it shouldnt be a pain, this is an external system, ive heard on the external ax15 it is pretty easy. the $159.99 or whatever one from tellico4x4 looks promising...
I got the auto zone and it works perfectly after about 600 miles so far. The only reason I got it was because I broke the hydraulic line when I dropped the transmission (kinda on purpose) When I put the new one in I found it was the exact same one, so I know it was working for a long time before that. I only paid 210 for it I think. With shipping the other one would be 183. $27 more from the store, but returning it wont be a pain if it should (I dont think it would) break.

The hardest part was trying to get the line from behind the brake master and the firewall. I ended up just yanking the line out of the old clutch master and not putting the new line behind the brake master.
Just don't depress the pedal untill it's completely installed, otherwise you'll learn how to put it back together & bleed it. I bought one for my 95 from a dealership for around $260 because I was out of town & no one had it in stock. I bought one for my sons' 95 a few weeks later at my local CarQuest where I get a professional discount & I believe it was about $140. It was oem & even came in the same friggin box as the one I got from the dealer.